Teeswater wool

New Teeswater wool spun to a 2 ply is now available from Teesdale Fibres.
A true heritage rare breed pedigree flock has brought this yarn to us.
A high lustre 32-36 microns it takes the dye beautifully has great stitch definition ,all in all another great local yarn for the Harwood Collection from Teesdale Fibres.
Wool is available by phoning 01833 622 067
Or from the Yarn Garden

This image shows the lustre natural knitted up and dyed .

Chrissie with George and Louise from The Yarn Garden



More Colours and Kits

My newest yarn is coming soon and we welcome Sue and her Teeswater sheep with beautiful lustrous coats soon to be available for you to purchase.Sues Grandfather farmed Teeswater in this area so a long provenance.And believe me the wool is beautiful.

Don’t forget we have my ever popular design for Men

Able Cable


kits available soon

New Colours in Natural Dyes     IMG_3421              

    IMG_2992Doubleknitting Brick stitch cowl in  Zwartbles and Natural BFL Kit availablephoto 2 also hand warmers in Zwartbles and Shetland/BFL mix

IMG_4763new Shawl Kit BFL in Indigo and Weld

ll these yarns come from sheep in  Upper Teesdale

New and coming soon the rare breed Teeswater with a long long provenance.

New yarn,New Colours

100% British Bluefaced Leicester) is truly the ‘Best of British’.The natural dyes show at their best with this deeply cushioned yarn.

This is the same yarn we used for the Royal Blanket for Prince George.

This gorgeous yarn comes from a named pedigree flock British Bluefaced Leicester sheep here in the North Pennines.
This yarn is stunning alone but hand dyed in natural colours it is awesome.

£14.50 per 100gms skein

It is spun and then naturally dyed here in the UK, each skein comes with its sheep tag, certifying that its British origin.

360metres /390 Yards per 100gms (1 skein).

For sale Conduit Cafe Wool Window Bridge Street Middleton in Teesdale

For sale at The Bowes Show

New Happenings,New Teesdale Gansey

IMG_2203It has a been crazy year for Teesdale Fibres and with new yarn coming in the door to design with and also moving up to Teesdale to live.

It is shearing time gain and this will will bring anew yarn to the table for us, Teeswater from local flock belonging to Sue Wilson.  This yarn has a superb lustre to it which will enhance the yarns we have now.

I have designed a new Teesdale Gansey by a knitter /designer from the dale made with wool from sheep in the dale,so fed up of names being attached to things which have no bearing with the dale at allIMG_1734  IMG_3583THIS VERSION uses the BFL/Shetland mix from the dale

.IMG_1765Ladies you have the Geometric top the shawls and the new arm warmers    photo 2all these designs can be made with any of the Teesdale range of wool.

The Harwood Throw is lofty and uper soft lovely for snuggling into during winter.Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 14.49.38 Again colour variations are your choice

Full Yarn club

The yarn club is full now but I do have new kits for sale in Farfield Mill  Sedbergh with lovey knitting needles in as well.



There are 2 shawls ,and 2 hats, one a spectacular blue rose Tam.

A new Cardigan called ‘Harwood Top’ is now ready and the pattern will be £5.00 or free in the kit available from Farfield Mill or myself all yarn, pattern, and kitting needles £60.00

Designed in blue face leicester/shetland mix in natural and handdyed natural eco dyes.

Blowing in the Wind

Bilberry pie and meadow grass all blowing high up in the North Pennines the latest colours coming from the cauldron up here.This yarn from last years clip is sheer heaven to knit with I love it and because it is dual fibre each fibre  take the dyes slightly differently which gives a marled effect lovely .
The Zwartbles is selling well and such a deep dark chocolate heaven colour to knit with fab.

Great British Teesdale Wool Club New Membership Yarn Club

The Great British Teesdale Wool Club – 3 Months – August to October 2012

Working with the fabulous hill farmers of the upper valley in Teesdale I have created an exclusive range of limited edition British blended wool.

Each month a differing colour batch will be ready.


The wool is a blend of British Bluefaced Leicester (50%) and Shetland  (50%).  The mystery colour will be at my discretion as to what is happening from the garden and the moors at  that time and I am as excited to see each batch as you will be to see the final product when it arrives with you.


Bluefaced Leicester was used as the luxury fibre base of the blend due its exceptional qualities of softness,lustre and all round versatility, and because it is what we had to work with being bred only minutes away from my back door. Using Shetland gives core strength and the mix is fabulous and takes the colour well giving a marled effect.


Over the year I will  offer some exciting mystery fibres,and already we know that in the pipeline spun and ready is the  Zwartbles with the design package along side.

We have 6 items in the Zwartbles range now and 2 new shawls in the new mix.One using modular knitting and the other beautiful country lace design.


My club membership is limited to around 20 places as I want each member to have adequate wool and there is only 13kgs of this yarn this year.

Membership is £40.00 which guarantees you a new 100grm hank of a differing colour each month for the 3months.


The Zwartbles we have more of but we have more designs

Zwartbles membership of £40.00 gives you 100gms of pure nearly black 4ply Zwartbles yarn from Teesdale,and 2 patterns from the published knitting designer Chrissie Day who has many knitting books and patterns written for magazines in this country and abroad and also designs for BC Gran in Denmark.Please email in the 1st instance to sign up to chrissie@chrissieday.co.uk

New Yarn New Colours

Well as you know the new Zwartbles is here and looking good but like last time when it is gone it is gone.

Plus we have another new yarn for Teesdale fibres still very local and this is amid of Blue faced leicester with Shetland and it is spun 2fold and has beautiful bounce to the yarn.It is holding lace design well and has good stitch definition.We have hand dyed some of the hanks as can be seen here and this will be for sale here and in Middleton at The Conduit Cafe Bridge Street,also in my Etsy shop .

Need a custom colour drop me an email.

New Yarn-stunning colour

The new batch of Zwartbles wool has arrived and it is more stunning than our first batch being a cross between chocolate and mocha now absolutely fabulous .I prophesied this if you read back when I first saw those new born lamb coats.

It is going out at £6.00 per ball or £70.00 for a 12 ball pack .as normal it is limited stock and when it is gone it is gone.

Orders can be placed by emailing chrissieday@me.com

I have not seen any pure Zwartbles come out as dark as this before

Teesdale Fibres Cushion Kits

The Cushion kits in all these beautiful colours are now ready.

The olive and turquoise cushion cover have Gansey designs on them ,The Chocolate coloured Zwartbles wool has an aran design ,the Raspberry cover has a cable design and garter stitch effect and the cream one has garter stick and stocking stitch with a buttoned flap.

Natural wool fibres on cushions is a lovely fabric to cuddle up to. then rest against, giving you a natural warmth to your back.

The fibres are form our area here in the North Pennines and shortly we will be adding Blue Faced Leicester/Shetland mix, new Zwartbles, Texel/Cheviot,Cheviot,and Texel.

The sheep reside in the valley and the coats processed to give us beautiful natural local yarn.

The kits or just the yarn can be purchased through my web site http://chrissieday.co.uk

or through Jackie at Conduit Cafe in Middleton in Teesdale .

Happy Knitting