Teesdale Fibres Cushion Kits

The Cushion kits in all these beautiful colours are now ready.

The olive and turquoise cushion cover have Gansey designs on them ,The Chocolate coloured Zwartbles wool has an aran design ,the Raspberry cover has a cable design and garter stitch effect and the cream one has garter stick and stocking stitch with a buttoned flap.

Natural wool fibres on cushions is a lovely fabric to cuddle up to. then rest against, giving you a natural warmth to your back.

The fibres are form our area here in the North Pennines and shortly we will be adding Blue Faced Leicester/Shetland mix, new Zwartbles, Texel/Cheviot,Cheviot,and Texel.

The sheep reside in the valley and the coats processed to give us beautiful natural local yarn.

The kits or just the yarn can be purchased through my web site http://chrissieday.co.uk

or through Jackie at Conduit Cafe in Middleton in Teesdale .

Happy Knitting

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